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Top 10 Tamil Movies – January 2016

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Top 10 Tamil Movies – January 2016


  1. Irudhi Suttru (29 January 2016)


Verdict: The story of a former boxer who quits boxing following a fallout with the authorities over the underlying politics but goes on to coach a fisher woman to fulfill his dream through her.

2. Rajini Murugan (14 January 2016)

Rajini Murugan

Verdict: The film centers around Rajinimurugan, a jobless youth whose main pass time is to spend time with his friends. After a family dispute that causes rifts between his brother and the rest of his family, Rajini murgan decides to give his brother a lesson.

3. Thaarai Thappattai (14 January 2016)

Thaarai Thappattai

Verdict: Pulavar Samy (G.M.Kumar) an unsuccessful musician who wastes his life with the bottle, his teetotaler son Sannaasi (Sasikumar) who is the head of a ‘Tharai Thappattai’ music and dance troupe and the alcoholic Sooravali (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) the lead dancer who has the temper of a man but is in love with Sannasi and has a soft corner for Pulavar Samy. A fan of Sooravali, Karuppiah (R.K. Suresh) proposes marriage to Sooravali through Sannasi and her mother, who is impressed with his government job and his decent behavior gets Sannasi to convince the girl to agree and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

4. Kathakali (14 January 2016)


Verdict: An honest, simple common man is caught in a web of problems when is he accused of killing the leader of a local rowdy gang.

5. Aranmanai 2 ( 29 January 2016 )

Aranmanai 2

Verdict: Aranmanai 2 (English-Palace)a spin off of the previous one. An old man goes into coma after falling while some shadow chases him. His family comes to take care of him but experience strange things. meanwhile another family member comes to the rescue. Who/what is seeking revenge? And why?what happens next forms the plot.

6. Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam (1 January 2016)

Malai Nerathu Mayakkam-Box Office

Verdict: Manoja, a girl accustomed with the western style of life and a typically introvert Prabhu, who has never been with a girl in his life. These two getting married – sounds impossible right? But that’s what arranged marriages can do! With Manoja and Prabu having different ideas about marriage and sex, they start off on the wrong foot and separate when the unthinkable happens on their path to harmony. Are they able to mend their ways again? – The answer to which is what the rest of the movie walks us through.

7. Gethu (14 January 2016)


Verdict: Udhay plays an affectionate son, who looks to stay away from trouble, while Sathyaraj, who believes in questioning injustice, plays Udhay’s dad in this film. It is about how a father-son duo gets trapped in a situation and how they get out of it.Amy plays the role of a bubbly Brahmin college girl in the film and Chachu plays her grandmother in it, while Vikranth playing the villain.

8. Azhagu Kutti Chellam (1 January 2016)


Verdict: Azhagu Kutti Chellam is a simple, honest and realistic film that will touch your heart.

9. Peigal Jaakkirathai (1 January 2016)


Verdict: One person who panics even to the word ghost and another person who strongly believes that ghosts do not exist, meet at a point in life. How they interchange their opinions and do they arrive at a common conclusion is what is hilariously told in this movie.

10. Tharkappu (1 January 2016)


Verdict: An encounter specialist learns the hard truth that all his encounters have been to protect the interest of corrupt politicians and businessmen.However, before he can control the damage, four innocent people get entangled in his operation.

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